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Meet Yitzchok

Stuttering and Tourettes Syndrome Coach

Hi, I'm Mr. Weiss!

As a former stutterer, Mr. Weiss spent 15 years going to some of the biggest therapists, professors, and doctors to help him overcome his stuttering. Through that experience he discovered and developed his own method for helping people suffering from similar problems.


Mr. Weiss knows, first hand, how issues related to Stuttering and Tourette's can impact an individuals life. His passion is to help others down a path toward controlling these involuntary movements so that they can enjoy a fruitful and productive life.


Mrs. Weiss loves to educate which is why he encourages people to reach out to him directly if they are struggling with issues likes these. His services may not be the right fit for everyone but he would be the rist to tell you if they weren't and is always happy to ensure the people he speaks with are pointed in the right direction.


If you or someone you know would like to learn more about how Mr. Weiss could help, please click below to schedule a free consultation.

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חֲנֹ֣ךְ לַ֭נַּעַר עַל־פִּ֣י דַרְכּ֑וֹ גַּ֥ם כִּי־יַ֝זְקִ֗ין לֹֽא־יָס֥וּר מִמֶּֽנָּה׃

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