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Professional Problem Solver

My goal it to help people work through physical problems they are experiencing, such as Stuttering & Tourette's. Conditions which include involuntary movements of their bodies. 

Meet Yitzchok

Stuttering and Tourettes Syndrome Coach

Yitzchok Weiss is a former stutterer and has developed his own method for helping people suffering from involuntary movements.


Mr. Weiss knows firsthand how issues related to Stuttering and Tourette's can impact an individual's life. His passion is to help others down a path toward controlling these involuntary movements so they can enjoy a fruitful and productive life, free of these "twitches."

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What I Specialize In

You struggle with this condition every day. But you don't have to live with it forever. Let's solve this problem together.

“My fear of speaking is gone. I could never have done this without the help of Mr. Weiss.”

- 25 yr old husband and father, Lakewood, NJ

“It was like something had clicked in my son’s brain! Mr. Weiss seemed to have reprogrammed him…My husband could finally talk and learn with him. We were overjoyed.”

- Mother of young boy featured in Binah Magazine

“It's the biggest mitzvah to be mefarsem that there is a person like Yitzchok Weiss.”

- Rabbi Shmuel Dovid F. 
Brooklyn, NY

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